MBR system supply in modular
design and customized for long/short term leasement


Unitech's customized MBR Wastewater Package Systems offer long-lasting strength in a compact, built-to-specifications design. The system is possible combines a Programming logical Controller (PLC) to provides superior effluent quality while reducing the time and costs required for plant construction.


  • Simplifying the process program for better efficiency.
  • Space-saving. No sedimentation unit is required.
  • Removal of bacteria and virus for antitoxin.
  • Process unit is compactly distributed to reduce odor emission.
  • Exit flow hold low turbidity which is suitable for mid-term recycle.
  • Low in energy consumption, no chemical dosing is required.
  • Selective for beneficial strains which facilitating removal of contaminants.
  • Efficient and effective for small to mid-scale process with low maintenance.

Scope for application

Public facility, Petrochemical Industry, Electronics Industry, Printing Industry, Butchery, Food processing plant, Heavy Industry....

  • Increasing the capacity of existing wastewater treatment plants. The processed water can be directly recycled.
  • Filtration of groundwater and river water.
  • Substitution for sand filter or micro filter and prolonging RO operation time.
  • Small to mid-scale water process plant, pharmaceutical factory, school, vacation hotel, restaurant, amusement park, military campus.
  • Providing rapid and graded ultra-filtration also meet urgent request.

Amusement Park

Producing Industry



Environment Waste Water

Shopping Mall


  • Customize design for process by assorted tanks, reactors with assembling.
  • Full set of control units such as pumps, air compressors, flow meters, valves, tubing, electricity layout.
  • Commissioning by clean water. On-site-initiable while introducing into target pipe.
  • Automated control for convenient management.
  • Providing various kind of work volume based on daily load.

Business models

Avaliable for modularity, customized and long term leasing