Customized intelligent Auto RO Cleaner
for long/short term leasement or commissioned cleaning

Auto RO Cleaner

Reverse osmosis membrane can be impacted by stack element such as calcium, magnesium, Bicarbonate ions as well as organic microorganisms that build up on the membrane surface during a period of operations. These deposits can cause loss in output and / or rejection levels and reduce total system performance. Unitech offers RO autocleaner which can helps clean suspended solids, microorganisms, and mineral scale from fouling your membrane elements. By means of RO autocleaner the membrane can be reused to save the placement cost.

Features of Auto RO Cleaner

  • 1. Off line RO cleaning function enable system keep running without fail.
  • 2. Single/multiple RO auto-cleaning ability flexible for extension as desired.
  • 3. Combining with PLC to detect electrical conductivity, flowmeter and etc.
  • 4. Up-to-date in line system monitoring that provides digital record benefits for documentation and improve RO system maintenance.